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We have implemented a preventative insect control application into our program. This application generally controls root feeding insects. As for this application as well, there are many products on the market. Some are better for specific pests but may fail on others. Some are less soluble than others and will remain effective for longer periods of time in the soil. Some need to be irrigated in immediately to minimize being broken down by sunlight. There have been seasons where we have received too much or not enough rainfall after these applications, which led to the treatment not being as effective as if perfect conditions were present. However, this preventative application will provide a desired result many more times than not.†††††† ††††††††††††

Did you know that the grubs that eat your grass roots are the same insects that eat the leaves on some of your landscape plants? Itís true! Japanese beetles and many other varieties of insects can be destructive during different stages of their life cycles. So, the more destructive insects that are killed while flying around, the less insects there will be to lay their eggs in your lawn. We provide tree and shrub spraying for these pests.

There are also surface feeding insects that our lawns are vulnerable to. Grass type will decide what lawns are susceptible to these destructive insects.