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These refined oils are sprayed onto trees and shrubs to suffocate many larvae that may have over-wintered in the cracks and crevices of the host plant.  These treatments are usually applied late in winter into early spring.  This is the first step of the year to help keep unwanted pests in check.

These applications are usually done as a preventative treatment on tree and shrub varieties that are susceptible to any number of insects and diseases.

There are many destructive insects that can be controlled. While our main objective is to keep trees and shrubs as healthy as possible, we try to limit the amount of pesticides used and allow predatory insects do their job. Once we determine that infestation is beyond the capability of predatory control, we will select the appropriate product and spray the infested tree or shrub.

However, there are insects that may not have predators to keep them in check. In this case, we will choose to spray. Also, in cases such as the Japanese beetle, we want to kill as many flying adults as possible. The reason is two fold: the less beetles present, the less they will chew on the leaves of our trees and bushes; secondly, the more adult beetles we eliminate, the less they will have the chance to mate and lay eggs in the grass, turn into grubs and eat the roots of our lawns.

Keep beds clean of debris such as leaves, twigs and litter. These can help harbor insects over the winter only to hop on your bushes come spring.


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