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Lawn fertilizer is generally made of three components.


1. Nitrogen - This element is a vital component of plant protein. Nitrogen deficiency can slow growth, yellow leaves and promote many diseases. Too much nitrogen forces lush foliage as opposed to plant structure, it can also lead to vulnerability to weather variables, insect attacks and disease.


2. Phosphorous - Helps to develop and maintain root structure and growth.


3. Potassium - Potassium is essential for photosynthesis to occur: without photosynthesis, plants cannot make food. It is also essential for disease, drought and cold and wear resistance.














Striped lawn - Picture shown can teach two lessons. The contrast in lawn color really shows the benefit that the fertilizer will provide to the turf. The inconsistent manner in which it was applied suggests that improper equipment/ method was used or this homeowner should have called a professional. When considering the cost of the product, time to purchase the product, the time to apply and clean up and the possible damage or unsightliness of the end result, it is well worth paying Kenís Lawn Maintenance, Inc. to do the work for you.

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